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SplatSearch Careers

Why Work at SplatSearch?

I am sure you would like to know what the experience of working for SplatSearch is like before you apply.

Splat search believes in equal opportunity's in every way and if fully committed to stamping out any kinds of discrimination in the world.

We operate a fully autonomous work environment where the pressure to deliver is purely in your hands and can take ownership of a task to deliver at your own speed. Creativity and task ownership is encourages so you set your deadlines and work on whatever aspect of the business in which you can excel.

We have intern positions, full time staff, constants and we have independent contractors paid on results.

The easiest way to earn money from Splat Search is to submit product reviews to us and you get paid on the results of the products sold through interent penetration of your review. The autonomy of submitting articles for a results based income allows anybody from single mothers to disabled people to earn an income based on their contribution with no pressure to deliver, allowing full control over your life.

You will be expected to work hard and give devotion to Splatsearch in office hours but of course we play as hard as we work.

Full autonomy and you get to choose where you work and when you work because you are the boss.

The salary with Splatsearch is second to none and if you can prove you are a rock star coder or writer, then we will pay you top dollar to show you how much we appreciate you.

Current Open Positions Thursday, March 1, 2012

As with all jobs at SplatSearch it doesn't matter where you are located as long as you have an internet connection. Fast broadband ideally.

PHP Developer.

SplatSearch is built with PHP Mysql using a custom framework so you need to be able to work with and improve others code.
Ideally you will have a hacker mentality for getting products out of the door before perfecting and speeding up your code.
Salary is based on your skills but ITRO $120`000 .pa

Description Writer.

You should be a fluent english speaker and be able to describe even the most dull products with passion and excitement or even add a little humor.
This is really boring work but is still a fundamental part of our business so of course we pay very well to make the mind numbing task feel a bit better.
Salary is based on not just speed but also quality. ITRO $50`000 .pa

Algorithm Gurus.
Our matching engine works on a highly developed and finely tuned algorithm to deliver the perfect matching result first time and fast with no margin for error. If we fail to deliver the perfect match first time we have failed and we need to learn from the failures to make sure we deliver next time. If you think you can write an algorithm that is world class and will deliver consistently. Salary . You tell us how much you want and we can work around that. We wont be expecting to pay you less that $150`000 .pa if you are top notch.